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Amazon Go store – The future of no checkout shopping store to open in Seattle Amazon campus

Amazon has broken each and every rule of the traditional shopping industry. Amazon was planning to change shopping experience forever by going completely online but since past two years things have changed for good. Its planning to open no checkout store with a first store opening near Amazon campus in Settle and later expand to 2000 shops all over US. You app is your future of checkout and below video says it all.

The future of Amazon go shows that you walk in to the store by scanning your amazon app, pick up what you want to buy and go out without any checkout . All the items you buy get charged automatically.

This solves the problem of people waiting in the checkout forever which is the frustrating for many. ( with current shopping ) . On an average we end up waiting in the checkout line for 15-20 minutes which makes amazon go a great experience.

As per the reports on The Wall Street Journal, the online shopping is expected to reach 59 billions dollars by 2021. The growth will be stimulated by innovation with technology and most of the shopping moving online forever.




Time will tell how this will turn out and hope Amazon go succeeds its experiment make a leap in shopping experience for millions around the world.

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